Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10-21 Counting back to 10-14 Catch up

 Jack-O-Lantern At Night
10/21 Photograph Bats
Animal / Winged / Night

No real pumpkins here this year for Jack-O-Lanterns, but I kept this decoration that my mother-in-law gave us. She decorated on all the holidays and putting this up brings back good memories. I had to take more than one picture of this since the first few shots had a cord showing, a good reminder to look around the frame before taking the shot. 

Farm Stand Fall Offerings
10/20 Photograph At The Market
Shopping / Farmer's Market / Local

I was happy to go back to the farm stand for more pictures. It was chillier and all of the pumpkins were inside. This time I used the 55-250 lens and carefully looked at the surroundings when taking a shot. In the shot above, I had to move to the left to leave out a blue electrical cord to the right of the pole. The set up of the fruits and vegetables was beautifully done. I left with apple cider, an apple pie for the freezer and macintosh apples. I really wanted the cider donuts…..

Autumn Farm Landscape
10/19 Photograph Return
Arrive / Revisit / Depart

The prompt for a return shot made think about what subject I wanted to retake. There are so many photos of my gardens, that I had to think about another location nearby.  We stopped by the ice cream farm on our way into town for errands. I was able to get closer but there was a lot of brush that had grown up during the summer. There was also a wait for the family that took forever by their mini van, the individuals would have been distracting in the picture. Eyes just seem to be naturally drawn to people, even if they are specks. Once again, it was an over cast day. 

Garden Lizard Hanging Around
10/18 Photograph Lingering 
Remain / Stick Around / Dawdle

We mowed and raked but left the gardens and our lizard friend for another week. He is still hanging out in the garden. The yard is not as green as it was when the lizard first hit the blog in May.

Yellow Leaf In The Front
10/17 Photograph In The Front
First / Leading / Ahead

The instructions for this prompt was to have a shallow depth of field. Looking around the yard, there were plenty of colorful subjects but since it is Fall and my driveway was a carpet of leaves, the leaves won. I did have to do some maneuvering to get the brightest and most colorful leaf up front. 

I also wanted to include the wild mums which are growing out over the lawn. They are colorful, even though they won't last once we get regular frosts.

Funky Yellow Gourds
10/17 Photograph Yellow
Hue / Shades / Bright

I was very glad to have taken so many pictures at the farm stand last week! This basket of gourds caught my eye and I used a HDR preset filter in lightroom for the color and clarity. 

It was a day spent in the hospital with no yellow to get a photo. I would have gone for a walk except it was raining and we had no set time when the procedure would be over for my Dad. At least I had my iPhone to keep me busy. 

Pumpkins for Sale
10/15 Photograph Pumpkin Time
Gourd / Pumpkin Patch / Home Grown

I was lucky to have this photo in my files from the farm stand last week. My Mom helped me to narrow down the choices since I had so many good pumpkin photos. This is one of my favorites from the day and I was glad that I was able to use it for a CY365 photo. The other option was that I use my iPhone to take pictures of pumpkins on front porches, but why do that when I had a photo in my file that was perfect.  It got chosen as the CY 365 Photo of the Day with the following comment: 

"The slightly subdued light really says fall to me, not to mention your subject.  I love the different varieties of pumpkin set up in different ways through the frame. Nice shot."

Mom Checking out the Hospital Reports
10/14 Photograph a Warning
Caution / A Sign / Advice

This is a bit far fetched for the prompt, but I had to work with what I had in front of me. I worked in the morning, but my one objective was to get that done and get down to my dad in the hospital. He had a cardiac event and was in the local hospital. They now post all the reports to an online patient connect which we could look at once we got home. It was a long day and it was good to see that my dad was getting good care. 

Collage of random images from this past week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend 10-11 to 10-13

Vibrant Fans
10/11 Photograph Vibrant
Lively / Colorful / Vivid

It was more than vibrant at the football game, it was packed stadium of Hawkeye fans. The day before the game, I had gone to the website for the tickets and saw that there was a recommendation for what color to wear for our section. We had black and my husband borrowed a shirt while I bought a huge, comfy sweatshirt with the old time logo for the hawkeyes. It was fun to experience the homecoming scene in Iowa City where everyone and their brother came out for the parade the night before to the next morning's game. My son's girlfriend kept saying to us, "you have no idea what it's going to be like". And she was right, from the crowds at the parade where I felt like I was in a scene from Animal House to the amount of tailgating and fans the next morning. There were vendor tents all over the place and we had no problem finding most anything hawk eye. 

We had a great time in Iowa City where we got the grand tour of the university and town, along with a ride to where my son's girlfriend (K) works in the next town over. It's nice to see a town that works with the school community. A good example of this would be the excitement of the kids that K takes care of at the pre-school, they were all excited about the homecoming parade. We even had a free breakfast at the law school tailgating event put on by a local law firm.
Checking out the Iowa Hawkeye Merchandise the night before with everyone else in Iowa City
Game time and the fans waiting for the homecoming parade.

Mutant Fall Flower
10/12 Photograph Leaves
Changing colors / Nature / Blade

Why is this a mutant? It was once a store bought Chrysanthemum that has gone wild in our front garden. I love the the colors of the flowers and will be using these for the macro project for October. The leaves here all have spots and are just about gone by so my choice for nature was this beautiful flower. 

Fall Trip Fun
10/13 Photograph Frolic
Merriment / Fun / Joke
For today's prompt, I went back and used a picture from our weekend trip to Chicago. This is our first look of the Bean in Millennium Park, or Cloud Gate. It is a huge reflective bean that is a lot of fun to look at from different angles to see reflections of the city, sky, clouds and all the other tourists. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

10-8 to 10-10 Three days of Catch up

Family Running
10/8 Photograph a Race
Competition / Beginning / Meet

There used to be a time when I could get a picture of cross country race and my youngest son running during any week in the Fall, but those 5 years are past. Now I settle for quickly turning on a walk to catch the backs of this family running. Photographed with the iPhone 6.

Distorted Buildings Reflected
10/9 Photograph Distorted
Askew / Contorted / Crooked

What a great prompt to have for our first day in Chicago. There were so many photo opportunities   for distortion views while taking the Architecture boat tour on the river.  This building above was built specifically to reflect the skyline including the blue of the sky. It was a beautiful day just as it was reflected.  I will have to do another blog post just of a few of the photos from our trip. 

Miles of Fields and Sky Seen from the Highway
10/10 #Off Prompt

Another good prompt for the weekend! These shots were taken from the car during our drive from Chicago to Iowa City. The views of the corn fields were expansive with miles of fields which make the farms here look like like specks. It was a four hour drive and we stopped at the Antique Archaeology Store from the American Pickers tv show just over the state line in Iowa. I was expecting to see more of their finds rather than a bunch of tourist items like tee-shirts, shot glasses and cards. The yard outside of the garage looked like some of the yards of New England.