Friday, April 18, 2014

New Buds

New Buds in the Morning
4/18 Photograph Optimistic
Hopeful / Enthusiastic / New

A blog written before noon, since I have housework, cooking  and a ride to the airport on my schedule today. I was golfing at 7 AM today and once again, I was by myself in a cart flying around the course getting nine holes done within 1.5 hours just as it started thundering. I had paid for 18 and will be going back to finish the back nine right after I finish this entry. It was one of my best rounds yet, with 4 holes parred. 

 My intent was to get a picture of the very small baby ducks, but their mother is very protective and quickly moved them into the brush. I like the last duck's look as if he is saying, "But look at all the food we are leaving…". It's a miracle that they are surviving with the alligators.

And once again, I took 3 pictures of the buds and had a hard time picking out which photo to use as the daily photo. I was a bit rushed as I did have a walking golfer behind me.  Check out the picture in the bottom right to see the blue fly. I did not even see that fly until I uploaded the pictures to the computer, shame it wasn't in focus. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

B is for Beach

B is for Beach
4/17 Photography B is for _______
Begins With / Bunny / Blue

I cheated today, well not exactly cheated, but used a photo of the beach from March for today's prompt.  This is my favorite shot of the beach and yes, it has been on the blog already, but not as picture of the day. The weather here has been cloudy, windy and occasionally stormy which didn't work for a great beach picture like this one above. I just like the composition of this photo with the surfboard and umbrella in the background with the natural beauty of the dunes, ocean and sky surrounding the fun. 

I did drive to the beach and as I was parking my car, I got a phone call from my youngest son. As I sat in the driver's seat of the parked car, this mourning dove decided that the windshield wiper made a good perch. It's a great photo with the wall as the background and the dove is in perfect focus. I guess I could have used B for bird.  

There are other photos from the beach that I took, but nothing beats the sunny, calm view of the above photo of the day. And yes, a golf ball was one of the B words that I had thought of, but the only golf I did was last night with the ladies for Nine and Wine. It was nice of the pro to do the four club challenge that I had suggested. For many of us, it was a challenge to pick only four clubs to use on nine. I picked according to yardage and ended up with my 5 W, 4-hybrid, 9- iron and A-Wedge. The 4 was used as my putter, what a joke that was. It was fun and we were the only group to get all nine holes done as we finished in a downpour. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April - Where I Stand

Photograph Where I Stand
Perspective / My Everyday / Somewhere Special

The prompt for today recommended taking two pictures, one looking down and one looking up to combine it for this month's Where I Stand prompt. I tried to get the dolphin in the picture, but then my feet would not be in focus.  My initial photos were taken on the golf course where I was out for most of the day. I started at 7:20 Am and was able to take a beautiful picture of the 98% full moon. The directions from yesterday's blog helped.
I did take pictures from the golf course to use for the Where I Stand, but realized that I had done the golf course last month. It was time for something new. In between two rounds of golf, I came home to take the picture of my feet on the sea wall with the view of the river. Chipped polish or dirty golf shoes?  The shoes became even dirtier as I played multiple balls today because there was nobody in front of me in the early morning, so I was able to practice. Same with the back nine, I caught up to the ladies 9-hole league and went back to replay a par 3 hole. It was fun, but I was glad to golf with 3 guys later on in the afternoon. Not much else going on here, all is quiet as everyone has left.  Am looking forward to the weekend!
More baby ducks? Not sure what these birds are!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15 Rest

Resting Osprey
4/15 Photograph Siesta
Relaxing / Rest / A Nap

Hey, I am caught up with my blog! It was a busy week of golf and family dinners, but all worth it. Lucky to have my parents come down to visit and stay with me, then with my aunt while my brother came down to visit and then back with me. Their phone ringtone has now been changed to Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Although after cleaning the condo after they left, they are not thieves, the silverware is still here! It's so quiet here now. 

The prompt for today included a suggestion to use the blue sky to get a beautiful exposure and even had a pelican against a blue sky for the sample picture. I immediately thought of the picture above from golf this past weekend. The original version is to the right below-

This is the jpeg version of what I took and I used the RAW version to edit for lighting, exposure and vibrance. All good, but then when I went to upload to the Captureyour365 in the landscape version (the picture to the right) , I ealized that I could crop the photo to make it look even better. Now the bird is definitely the subject and the composition meets the rule of thirds. It's not cheating, it's improving what was caught at the moment. 

While working on the computer today, I moved my computer down to the table by the window to watch for leaping dolphins. All of a sudden, a large storm cloud appeared to the west and the collage below has the view from the window. I did run out and try to get a resting bird just to say that I used the camera today but the weather came in fast. (That's 105 pictures since January 1st!) Crazy weather with the clouds and just when I thought the rain was done, it started again with lightening/thunder to the east. The difference between storms here and in NH, is that here you can see the weather before you get it whereas in NH, there's no warning with all the trees. That will be something that I will have to get used to again.

4/14 Seasonal

Seasonal Garden Decoration
4/14 Photograph The Chicken or the Egg?
Just Because / A Comparison / Seasonal

Luckily, my neighbor decorates her garden flowers with holiday figures. I used a texture from, kk_cora as an overlay to soften the green of the cactus. I like the whimisical pink figurines in contrast to the green of the cactus. Now there's a "just because" there, the Easter decorations in the Christmas Cactus!

After a quick shopping trip, we had a quiet day by the pool. Well, it was quiet at the pool, but very busy and noisy in the river as there was a large group of about 6 manatees "frolicking" in the water for at least 3 hours. The song, "All Night Long" was going through my head as we heard a lot of splashing and snorting. Not that I want to be labeled a voyeur, but I did try to take pictures of the group of manatees. However, they were too busy in the water to pose. At least I had some dolphins who appear to enjoy posing.

 4/14 was the night of the blood moon, and even though I was up until 2 AM, it was not late enough to see the eclipse. The full moon rising was a very pretty sight even in NH as my son told me on the phone how cool it was there. I grabbed my camera and went out to take a picture. 
Later on in the evening, Katrina Kennedy posted a hint for how to take a picture of the moon which I will try the week. ( ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125 and zoom out to longest focal length)

4/13 Funny

Funny Manatee
4/13 Photograph Comical
Funny / Amusing / Humorous

The manatees are becoming active with the warmer weather and this was an easy shot for this prompt. I had the telephoto/zoom lens with me and I was not happy with the pictures. This photo was taken with my iPhone to include more of the manatee's body. Wouldn't you rather see more of the body, than just their mouths? If I had been to this location early, I would have gotten more than just one manatee in the picture. Usually there can be up to 4 manatees in this area and you can see them push each other out of the way to get to the fresh water. 

The weather was hot today and I went to the beach with my parents where my Dad sat and people watched while my Mom and I took a little walk along the water. I didn't have my camera with me near the water so I could walk in the water while looking for shells again. The water was rough making it difficult to see the shells.
In the evening, we had another beautiful sunset! It's nice to have the time to enjoy views. 

4/12 Shadow

Shadow- Railing and Scalloped Roof
4/12 Photograph Someone's Shadow

Outline / Contrast / Companion

I didn't read the prompt for this day's Captureyour365 until the middle of the day. This picture was taken in the early afternoon, to give me time to upload, edit and get it up on the 365 gallery.  I like this picture for the lines and the leading line to the plants. This is the little garden of potted plants that my neighbor has next door to me here. 

We had gone out golfing very early and I could have gotten some really good shadow pictures that morning. With early morning play, we get there as the sun is rising which gives us shadows from the low sun as we surround the flag on the greens. As we get ready to putt, we have to watch where are shadows are to make sure that we aren't distracting each other. 

The camera was out on the golf course with me this morning and these two alligators were right by the area where I normally hit my drive. Luckily, I hit a better golf shot onto the fairway, but was excited to get this picture. However, I witnessed their quickness when they went into the water after I took the picture. Boy, they can really move. I know have that fact implanted in the memory bank. It's one thing to be told that they can move fast, it's another to actually see them move. 

In the evening we went over to my aunt and uncle's for dinner where I did try to take a shadow picture, but I wasn't happy with the angles. Although, now that I see it on the blog, the picture is a fun photo and my aunt was a good egg for posing!

We had another beautiful sunset to enjoy after going in the pool to cool off.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect - Flower Bouquet
Texture Tuesday

How long to keep a bouquet? Until leaves start dropping on the table. 

Without the cats here, I get to enjoy a vase of flowers for a long time without having to place it strategically away from the cats. I got to enjoy this bouquet for a week. The leaves were beginning to drop, but the roses were beautiful.

I had taken a couple of pictures of the bouquet for Captureyour365, but I didn't like all the stuff in the back ground. With a couple of textures, the background is softened. 

Textures used: kk_violet lightened 31% opacity with reflected flowers highlighted, with kk_daisy screen blend with 85% opacity with flowers on a clipping mask

Monday, April 14, 2014

4/11 Jump

4/11 Photograph Cling (Off Prompt)

Grasp / Embrace / Hug

After a month of running out to the water when I see the dolphins getting frisky finally paid on on 4/11. The prompt for the day was cling and I did take some clinging/grasping pictures. But  jumping dolphins will always over ride a prompt when the picture is this good!

My brother and I took the day off from golf. We drove to the beach and took a walk. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at my aunt and uncle's as my parents ventured into the pool. 

These are the pictures of cling and grasping where I was trying to get detailed, up close photos of barnacles.  Dolphin still won the picture of the day!

Here are the rest of the dolphin pictures. Just because I got these doesn't mean that I am still not running out to try to catch more jumps. 

4/10 A Perfect Duo

Wine and Cheese- A Perfect Duo
4/10 Photograph a Perfect Duo
Two / Together / Complementary

My brother is here this week and treated me to a very nice bottle of wine which we enjoyed after a day of golf. The goal for this prompt today was to take a picture of food that included complementary foods. Wine with cheese and crackers, on a sunny, beautiful day where we saw a rocket launch over the golf course. It was a gorgeous day on the golf course again, with my father joining us for our fun nine after the early 18 holes. Getting out early has begun to spoil us since the pace of play is quick with the "serious" early morning golfers. My brother and I tried to make to 36 holes in the afternoon, but gave up when we were the fourth group on a hole. It was best to leave with a satisfied feeling about playing versus frustration from waiting and not being able to get a rhythm for play. 

Today's golf course adventures included mating sand cranes, an overly friendly snapping turtle and a rocket launch from Kennedy Space center. We were lucky to catch the launch as we had a perfect view of it. What surprised me was that the group behind us never saw the rocket even with me yelling at my father, brother and uncle while we on the tee box. It was a very cool thing to see.  The order of the pictures below in the collage match the order of how I took the pictures. I had to quickly get the camera in focus and get the exposure right as the rocket was going through the clouds, then I got the exposure perfect. 

The sound comes after the rocket has been in the air for a few minutes. We aren't sure if the growling noise was from an alligator disturbed by the rocket's sound or my yelling. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/9 Joy

Makes Me Smile- Baby Ducks
4/9 Photograph Makes Me Smile
Laughter / Joy / Beauty

Last week I golfed with a young man who pointed out the baby ducks to me at the end of our game. Now I look forward to seeing them at the end of each game on this particular course. Today's photo was to take a picture of something that lights you up and brings you joy, the reason to have a camera with you. I just love the golf course that is right across the street from us here where I can see so many different birds and other wildlife. When I know that I will be in a cart driving on the course, I always try to had my camera with me, 

On this particular day, my dad joined us for a ride during our nine holes of golf after playing an early round of 18. We were lucky and got the course along the river. He agreed with me about the difficulty of the eighth hole.

4/8 Enjoy The View

Slow Down- Enjoying the View
4/8 Photograph Pull Over

Stop / Slow Down / Get Out

This is the view that I get to see in the morning, manatees mating with birds and dolphins looking for their next meal. Too bad I didn't get a dolphin in this picture. The daily view here never gets old.  This is when I wish I had a big telephoto for the manatees. It's all good. 

In the evening, we wait after dinner for the sunset show. This evening, we had a beautiful show. Still chilly as you can tell by the sweatshirts we are wearing. 

4/7 Shell Find Up Close

 Shell Find Up Close
4/7 Photograph Fill The Frame
One Thing / All / Up Close

This is the largest sea shell we have found on the beach down here. The sand project has produced a lot of shells at the tide line. While looking for the elusive whole sand dollar my husband kicked up the this large shell. I took many photos of this shell to get the frame filled for a macro shot. I have decided that I don't like the filters for the macro shots, I don't have the patience. 

4/6 Display

Photograph Display
4/6 Photograph in the Window
                                                     Framed / Displayed / Hanging

This prompt had both my husband and I trying to figure out what the subject could be. I made these coasters last November with the intent of hanging them individually on the wall here in Florida. But like most pictures we hang, we just couldn't agree on where. I found this frame in a local store and we used garden wire to hang the coasters on the wire. We now have the coasters on display in our bedroom. It is a creative, easy display. 
 We got up early to play golf and watched the sunrise as we ate breakfast. This was definitely the first birthday where I have been able to go golfing. We had a very nice cook out at my Aunt and Uncle's with my parents in the evening. Then my husband was back to the cold of New England. 

4/5 As You Are

As You Are- Golfing Again
4/5 Photograph Imperfect

You / In Front of The Lens / As You Are

Another "selfie" for this prompt. I set up the camera on the golf bag and did a run to the spot where I had focused on my husband. It was a beautiful day for golfing and once again we got to enjoy all the birds on the course. This is the flock that  hangs out by the pond and they are all sea terns. They happened to pick one of the few spots where balls don't routinely land. You have to be a really bad golfer to have your ball land in their area.

And these little birds are living on the other side of the pond from where the biggest alligator has been hanging out, hope the reeds are keeping them safe!

In the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach to continue looking for the elusive full sand dollar. I did the good deed of taking a couple's picture as it is painful to watch the arm held out with the phone camera to catch them with the ocean in the back ground. Today, I asked the couple if they could take our picture. And they did a great job! I didn't even have to fix the horizon and we are both in focus!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

For the Love Of…..Texture Tuesday

My birthday was this past Sunday and my husband surprised me with a visit on Friday after a business trip with a bouquet of flowers. It was a lovely bouquet and it was nice to have flowers for a subject.  We were so busy that I was too tired to write a blog for my picture of the day. With the rain predicted for this afternoon, I will be able to get caught up posting all my pictures from this weekend for the Captureyour365 photos from the past 4 days. It nice to have an occasional rain day to get caught up.

Textures: The roses were put on a paper towel, the next level is kkjustatouch as an overlay on the background with an opacity of 85% with a clipping mask for the flowers, the top level is the new kk_waterfront7magic with a hard light blend at a 49%.