Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25 Golden Hour Skiing

Late Afternoon Cross Country Skiing 
2/25 Photograph Future Investment
Save / Invest / Looking Ahead

Another day of not following the prompt and I am honestly hitting a slump with the Capturingyour365 this week. Not feeling the mojo with the community and have decided to just take what I want for a daily picture. This afternoon I went out cross country skiing with my friend K at the farm. It was a beautiful afternoon and the light was great for photography.

56/365 "Rat Eye View" Afternoon shadows skiing

It was a balmy day with temperatures over 30 degrees. The sun even caused the ice to fall off the front of the house. We go from minus 17 to 30 degrees in 24 hours, from frozen quakes during the night to ice falling off the roof. Plenty of noise and I wish I was home when the ice fell, would have been loud but worth it to see the scaredy cat skulk through the house when it fell. we were just lucky that no body was on the walkway.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2/24 Jumping Up to Help?

Jumping Up to Help
2/24 Photograph Jump
Leap / Skip / Dance

When I read the prompt for today, I didn't know what I was going to do for a subject. Some people posted pictures of themselves jumping or their children. It wasn't a jumping day for me, just not feeling it. After finishing the knitted cowl the night before, I was ready to start another project. This yarn was bought as a large hank and needed to be rolled up to make socks. It's easier to do when you have another set of hands and I used the chair to hold onto the skein of yarn. Out of four cats, only one of them became intrigued by the moving yarn. When I got the camera, she even tossed the ball on the ground. 

55/365 Rat's Eye view on top of 2 feet of snow in the backyard

Obligatory cat photo- No fur flying, no fighting. Amazing.

Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23 Winter to Spring Growth

 Winter to Spring Growth - Lilac Buds
2/23 Photograph Potential
Expectation / Prepare / Growth

When I read the prompt for the day, I knew what the subject would be, but the question was,  how close I would be able to get to the buds? With all this snow and cold, spring will happen as scheduled. 

To show how much processing takes place through Lightroom 5 I included the picture to the left.  It is the original RAW file from the camera. With Lightroom, I increased the exposure and cropped the picture with changes to contrast, shadows, vibrance and clarity. The picture was then brought into  Perfect Photo Suite 9 for a glow effect. 

54/365 Cat on the Floor
We finally had a sunny day which helped melt more of the ice on the roof. As the drops of water fell on the steps, there were drops' reflections on the floor which were intriguing to Stash. I used this picture for the Flickr, Rat Eye View.

In the afternoon, I went over to my friend S's who had her two pre-teen grandchildren with her for the day. I was going to pass on the visit until I heard that a puppy was there. Her granddaughter has a 12 week mix, labrador retriever and Saint Bernard which was the runt of the litter. Cash is his name and he worships S's granddaughter and follows here everywhere, but is also very mellow. He is going to be a smart dog as he can already sit on demand, but he is going to be big!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

2/22 Photo Goals

Photography Goals
2/22 Photograph Looking Forward
Goals / Progressing / Leading

The theme for this week is looking forward, not sure where it will go, however, today's instructions were to look back at the year and the photos that I have taken. In reviewing the photos, question what I want to accomplish and be proud of how much I have grown. There are so many technical photos in my year and I would like to get shots with better lighting and include more people. The quote popped up on my twitter feed today from Light Stalking and I thought it was appropriate to add it to today's photograph. 

The flickr challenge this week is going to be interesting, "Rat's Eye View" getting the camera down to ground level. This picture is of the snowboard and boots that my son was going to use last night until he changed his mind to skiing instead. Meanwhile, the snowboard and boots are still by the door.

Today, after a quick walk, I went back to watching Downton Abbey while my husband was off enjoying a wonderful morning of powder skiing. The show is addicting and I am glad that I started watching it while there are a few seasons available. 
53/365 Floor View of Snowboard and Boots

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2/21 Photograph Indistinct

Blah Kind of Day to Make Soup
2/21 Photograph Indistinct
Out of Focus / Edited / Hazy

Today's email prompt included a video about using an iPhone
 app called Big Lens to bug the background and create bokeh. Fighting off a sinus headache so I made a big pot of cabbage soup. All those colorful vegetables created a subject for today's photo. I tried the app on another photo that had a finer edge and it was difficult working with the edging using my finger, but it was fun with the larger cabbage. 

We got more snow today, just as predicted and without any melting, we have huge snow banks in the yard. If we had this epic snow when the boys were younger, there would be snow tunnels and forts through out the yard. #2 and my husband went off skiing this evening to enjoy the fresh powder. After they left, I got out my knitting and restarted another cowl while making sure that I had the stitches lined up correctly. No twists occurred and I happily knitted by the fire as I started watching Downton Abbey. I watched almost the entire first season and am hooked.

For the Flickr photo, I used the iPad as a soft box for extra light with the fork reflection. Then I tried a flower which really made it bright. With all the white of winter, the vegetable colors and flowers add brightness to the blog today.

Clean roof = Happy homeowner

Snowbanks higher than the porch
Flickr 52/365 Fork Reflection

Friday, February 20, 2015

2/20 Colored Bokeh

Colored Pencil Bokeh
2/20 Photograph Colored Bokeh
Blur / Dyed / Hue

Today I worked as a "Gal Friday" helping out with copying and putting together packets for a friend. Usually, I try to get outside bokeh for bokeh/depth of field pictures but since I didn't get home till later, I pulled out the colored pencils to create a colorful background. The above is what I picked for the picture of the day. For the flickr picture, it was a cat that made it as the picture of the day.

As I was working, we hired a contractor to come over to shovel the roof. With large ice forming at the roof edge, we were worried about the forecast of heavier, wet snow in the forecast. When I got home, all the snow was off the roof and the walkways were cleaned. 
51/365 Life of a Cat

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2/19 Valentine Flower Singled Out

Last of the Valentine Flowers- Outside 
2/19 Photograph Isolate It
Remove / Single Out / Detach

After another 3 inches or so of snow, it was a beautiful morning here with the sun out. The wind was blowing the snow off the branches so I took this flower and put it on top of the porch bannister. A macro lens was used to get the details of the flower with blurred white background. The picture was taken early today which was a good thing for the backlighting since the later morning became cloudy with snow flurries.The good news is that the snow is melting off the roof, the bad news is that there is plenty of snow up there. 
With the sun on the roof, I went back out with the roof rake to pull even more snow off the roof since there is a wetter snow in the forecast for Sunday. I did break down
and call a contractor to come over tomorrow and shovel off our back roof. It is melting, but I am worried about the weight and ice dams.  No walk or snowshoeing for today, raking was the cardio exercise for the day. This picture doesn't do the amount of snow justice, there is about 2 feet of packed snow 3 feet from the rake. In the back yard, I can almost touch the roof of the porch from a snow pile by the back deck.

In the afternoon, I went on a job interview for a sales/customer service job for a vacation related software. If I get the job, it will be about 6 weeks of training in NH and I would be able to work from home/Florida. Would be nice to be working again, there's just so many loaves of bread I can be making each day. I don't want to say much more about it to avoid jinxing my chances. However, I would like the flexibility of the position and know that I can learn technology quickly, plus it would avoid having to work temp jobs.

By the time, I got home, I had not taken a photo for Flicker and thought first of the clementine but since I had done the salad yesterday, it was a no go. However, once I had the tea going, I thought the reflections on the tea kettle with the cup was a nice, homey shot. I liked all the lines in the picture.

50/365 Tea kettles Reflection