Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Starts with C and Optional

C is for Cilantro for Zesty Quinoa
8/18 Photograph Starts with "C"
A Food / A Friend / A Find

Optional Squash/Melon? Plant Location
8/19 Photograph Not Necessary
Insignificant / Trivial / Optional

Yesterday I made a Zesty Quinoa Salad recipe that I found on Allrecipes.com that required some fresh cilantro. This was a quick picture and I think that the black beans in the background aren't attractive, but I was stretched for time. The salad is spicy and delicious, will be a good recipe to make for Florida. My friend S came over to look over the wedding pictures from her granddaughter's wedding. It was good to have another set of eyes to go through the ones that I was rejecting. Plus, she brought over one of the very lovely bouquets that were center pieces for me. 

Today's picture is of a plant that decided to grow next to the compost bucket. It's a shame that it didn't start earlier since I have no idea what it is because there are yellow blossoms, but no fruit yet. I am thinking that it is a squash plant of some kind. I used the kit lens (18 -55mm) that I hardly use because I need to break out of my macro lens and zoom lens rut.  Although I did get my macro lens out today when I saw the two butterflies in my garden today. The cone flowers are beautiful this summer in everyone's garden. 

The Clematis flower in the upper left is the only bloom on one of my clematis vines. Why? I have no idea. 

Tomorrow I will post some pictures from my sad, mildewy back garden where only the cone flowers and butterfly bush look great. 

Today was work on photography day. In the afternoon I went through my vacation shots for the landscape practice photos that I took. The three below are the horizon photos where I move whee the horizon went through in the same spot. Then, tonight I went through the over 800 pictures from our vacation. I got rid of about 200 for various reasons and have about 1/2 uploaded to my Flickr account. Tomorrow the rest will go up and then I need to work on the wedding photos. 

Lower third horizon- this is my favorite.
Center horizon

Top third horizon
Collages from Vacation- so many pictures!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vacation Week Catch-Up

Just the Front of the Boat with my Name
8/6 Photograph Just Enough
Adequate / Comfortable / Just Right

The directions for this prompt was to take have just enough in the photo to show what is important. I thought this was fitting. It was on a boat near the ferry.

Crystal Light Ready to Drink
8/7 Photograph Summertime Beverage
Fresh / Energizing / Invigorating

Dad Weed Whacking- Space to Move
8/8 Photograph Balancing
Stabilize / Equal / Readjust

The directions for the prompt was to have a black and white photo with the composition set up to include action and space for the action to move into. There's plenty of space in this photo with long grass for Dad to move.

August Super Moon (Off Prompt)
8/9 Photograph Like a Painting
Edited / Altered / Artful

I was going to use this photo from my iPhone that I had played around with, but couldn't pass up the super moon through the trees. I have my eye on the Waterlogue app for the iPhone, but there are two problems with that, 1- It's not free and 2 - I don't have the space on my phone for another app.  A true real world problem. 

On The Edge Looking Out
8/10 Photograph On The Brink
Border / On The Edge / Verge

Trails Around the Lighthouse
8/11 Photograph Trails
Road / Route / Track

Strong Rope, Resilient Boat
8/12 Photograph Resilient
Strong / Tough / Irrepressible

Neighbor's String Beans in her Vegetable Garden 
8/13 Photograph Homegrown
Homemade / Garden / Organic

Blueberry Pancakes As Requested for Our Last Vacation Day Breakfast
8/14 Photograph a Favorite Food
Family Favorite / Classic / Cherished

Texting on the Porch
8/15 Photograph On The Phone
Talking / Conversations / Texting

Before the Wedding - Church Window Reflection
8/16 Photograph Looking from Outside In
Peer In / Observe / Reflection

Wedding Centerpiece from Eye Level
8/17 Photograph Eye Level
Horizontal / Aligned / Of Same Height

All caught up with my Captureyour365 photos for the blog. Tomorrow I will include more pictures from our trip to Nova Scotia. It has been a busy 12 days, coming home from vacation to photographing my first wedding. There have been a lot of pictures taken in that time and I need to be brutal in eliminating some of them while also uploading to Flicker the ones that I want to share. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Outside Dining Scenery

Texture Tuesday time and today's photo is from Sunday. We ate outside at an Italian restaurant up in the White Mountains. It was a beautiful summer evening, not too hot, not too cool and no mosquitos. There was a black iron fence around the courtyard and they had flowers growing along the fence and in pots within the courtyard. After looking at the inside of the restaurant which looked pretty worn, eating outside was definitely the better choice. It was a nice way to end our very busy weekend.

(Texture used above: kk_follow at 45% opacity with a screen blend. Mask used for flower petals and stem)