Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Luminosity and Three

Pond Reflections
7/22 Photograph Luminosity
Brightness / Radiated Energy / Reflected

3 Ducks
7/23 Photograph 3
The Number / Written / On the Ground

So hot, these past two days and my photos are all about water. Yesterday's luminosity/reflection photo was taken at the pond behind my house. I had seen the stump last week on a walk and was hoping that I could either get that or a blooming lily pad with a reflection. But there were no lilies in bloom yesterday, however, there was this spider web that I could have used. My eyes were drawn to the flowers on the bush in the light and the web looked wispy until I got the photo downloaded where I then saw the spider web. This photo on the left was cropped to highlight the spiderweb.  Overall, the picture I chose is a much better picture with the lighting and the reflections of the stump and reeds on the shore.

Today's photo was taken right before my cousin/aunt and I were getting ready to go out floating. I was suppose to get the number 3, but unless I stopped on the highway today to get a picture of the moose crossing sign for 3 miles sign, I wasn't seeing threes. Three ducks made the cut instead. It was hot and muggy today especially after we did a 2 mile walk. Floating on the pond was a great way to spend the afternoon and we had a friend join us. With the poison ivy that I am now sporting on my forearm, the cool water was perfect.

Yesterday's Texture Tuesday photo made me realize that I don't know the name of butterflies that are in my garden.  A commenter had provided the name of yesterday's butterfly, which was a Great Spangled Fritillary. We had a butterfly hanging out in the liatris yesterday and I took way too many pictures. This appears to be a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail based on matching it with a butterfly found at It's another tattered wing butterfly.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Skittish Butterfly

Butterfly on Liatris    (kk_pinit9, Pinlight 51%)


This butterfly was around the garden most of the day on Monday. It was really hard to get a picture of it as it would move when I moved, I had to get the shot from the chair with my lens at 250mm. The ISO was at 400 which adds to the grain on the original picture to the left. I love the impressionist background of the above photo with the bee balm blossoms. I used a mask to "paint" the butterfly and the flower its on back in.  This is when I am glad to have a tablet instead of a mouse to use in photoshop elements!

Once I took the pictures, I looked at the butterfly magnified and saw that one of the wings was damaged. That's probably why I could never get close to it.

kk_pinit9, Opacity Softlight 69%


Monday, July 21, 2014

Where I Stand and Hidden Treasures

Look Down- Where I Stand- July Edition
7/20 Photograph Heatwave
The Temperature / Relief / Look Down
Hidden Treasure - Day Lily at the Bottom of the Driveway
7/21 Photograph Hidden Treasures
Buried / Lost & Found / Cache

I bet the other photographers at the Captureyour365 must think that I only take pictures of flowers in the summer time. But it's so nice to have color around here and this summer is full of flowers around the yard. The first picture is a repeat prompt on where I stand with the theme being heatwave. It wasn't a heat wave, but it was a beautiful day for sitting out in the yard reading. I had taken this picture on the right first, but once I saw the flowers in the background while on the adirondack chairs with my bare feet, I knew that was the picture for the day.

It was my husband's birthday and after a lazy morning, early afternoon we decided to golf a relaxing nine holes and not repeat the 18 long, humid holes of Saturday. We had one son join us as the other decided that the sport is just too frustrating ( can't say I blame him there).  We walked both days since the birthday present for my husband was a new push cart for his clubs. 

I did not make the birthday cake, but the youngest son went on line to the food network and made a birthday cake from scratch. We had no sour cream and he used one of my honey single yogurts as a substitute. I made the frosting and the cake came out perfectly. A little too sweet, but can be tweaked the next time around. We all enjoyed it though!

From Scratch birthday cake (yes, there were multiple steps)

Today I brought my car back to the garage for something stupid that I believe they were responsible for, a broken bracket for one of the sensors that they fixed in February. It should be resolved tomorrow on whether it should be covered by the warranty. Always a frustrating experience with this particular dealership since they think that since I get a rental (covered) when I drop off the car that they can take all day with a simple repair….grrrrrrrrr. While waiting for the call that never came to tell me that the car was ready, I got some stuff done around the house including hanging laundry out. Then it was just time to hang out in the back yard taking pictures and reading. I finally called the garage 3x at 4:30 before I got an answer on whether my car was ready. Even then I was told that they had to check it out and they would get back to me, which by that time was after 5 PM for a vehicle that was dropped off at 7:30 AM.  For some reason, only the service advisor who took my car in can personally tell me that the car is ready to pick up, so if he is busy, then you have to leave a voice message. Kind of crazy if the whole place is computerized. 

At least part of my day was relaxing. The photo above for today is a flower from the bottom of the driveway that I noticed last week while mowing the lawn. The blossom is just so red!

Garden scenes - 7/20-7/21