Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Peaceful Early Morning
4/23 Photograph Peaceful
Serene / Still / Flower

This is my peaceful spot, early mornings with the sunrise before the river becomes active. I am going to miss this view and will enjoy my last two days here before heading back to the hustle and bustle of home. At least with this view, I can turn my turn my back to the clutter while enjoying nature.  I did have to do some cropping to take out the window frame and the messy napkin holder. This is the second day in a row where I haven't checked out the entire frame before taking a photograph. I need to work on that. In this picture, I do like the lighting and did not make any lighting adjustments, all natural lighting in this photo.

Dolphin snorting!

The view is peaceful and beautiful for breakfast, but can become too distracting during the rest of the day when the dolphins are active or there are a lot of birds in the area. I keep a set of binoculars on the table to check out the different sights around the river. In this past week, I have seen the pink of a pink spoon bill heron and a couple of pods of mating manatees, along with pelicans, dolphins, diving sea birds, anhingas, herons, ducks and jelly fish all from my window. 

This afternoon as I was getting something down at the table, I saw my neighbor taking pictures of a dolphin that was just lying around in the water. Turns out it was one of the younger dolphins playing with a fish. Another circle of life event right before our eyes. It was having a great time until a larger dolphin came over. We decided that the larger dolphin was teaching the younger one not to play with it's food. It was very entertaining, another afternoon of free entertainment!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Pointed Fence by Beach
4/22 Photograph Barbed
Pointed / Wire / Barrier

When I saw this prompt for today, I knew what the subject would be. This is the top of a fence by the beach parking lot that I went to yesterday. The chameleon scooted into the picture and is a bonus. After taking the picture, I had to crop out some branches and wished that I had been more observant at the time.

It was an early start today with a 7 AM Tee time to practice some of the things I learned yesterday. I love getting out that early in the morning, it is so relaxing to golf that way. It's not a problem for me to get up that early when this is what I get to see while eating breakfast. These were all taken this morning and is a good example of how picking the right exposure settings can completely change a photograph. My intent was to do a HDR photo, but I don't like how the photo merge works in PSE10. 

After golf, I was eating lunch by the window when I saw all kinds of dolphin activity outside. I think there at least 6 dolphins out by the wall and some little leaping. I ran out with my camera and then hung out by the pool with occasional photo watches on the pier for the dolphin leap of the year. No big, wonderful leaps and I ended up deleting a lot of water, fin and splash photos. When I was finally reading and relaxing, I heard a small, loud child heading for the pool and that was my incentive to get down to the beach for the picture above. It was a good afternoon to sit on the beach also. Will definitely miss the choice of beach or pool next week!

Simple Beach Flower

Simple Beach Flower

Learning photography has taught me to look at all the details in the world around me. Whether it's observing cloud shapes, the light of the sun on buildings or even a simple flower in the sand dune, I am always on the look out for a photo opportunity. Last week at the beach during a very windy day, I noticed the flowers in the dunes, simple bright yellow color among the green leaves and sand. This is a beach sunflower, Helianthus debilis and in areas where it doesn't freeze, it is a perennial flower. 

Originally, I was working with this larger shot, but felt there was too much competition for the flower and that it needed to be by itself for today's simple prompt. 

Editing completed in Photoshop Elements 10
Textures with kk_wonderfulmagic- Vivid light 11% Opacity
and kk_rest- Screen blend 42% Opacity with a clipping mask for flower and leaves.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Multi-Colored Beach Chair
4/21 Photograph Multi-Colored
Candy / A Rainbow / In Your Hand

The prompt was encouraging candy again and I fought against the idea of going out to buy candy to think of something else colorful and healthier. The salad that I made today was definitely healthier. But, how many pictures of salad can I really have for Captureyour365 pictures?  Even though I usually eat a salad every day, there doesn't need to be another picture. (At least for now) Although, I do think the picture of the salad was very good.

Today, I decided to take a book to the beach and just relax in the sun. We didn't see the sun at all yesterday and it was a perfect morning to hang out at the beach for awhile. And for exercise, I played nine holes of golf while walking the course. I am definitely spoiled by my early morning golf as this round felt like it was taking forever! I was single behind four guys playing and with the wind, I was really driving the ball which gave me a lot of wait time. A lesson afterwards finished off the afternoon. Hoping I can bring my game home with me! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


A Gathering of Terns on the Beach
4/20 Photographed Gathered
Get Together / Collect / Round Up

I did take pictures today, but not the one above. The gathering of birds on the golf course that I wanted to get a picture of today was not cooperating and at that point in our game we had players right behind us. 

The instructions for the prompt was to fill the frame with the collection and suggestions were made for Easter candy or eggs. Well, I had neither, though I did entertain the thought of stopping at CVS to get some jelly beans. However, I know that they would not last the night and they wouldn't be a good choice of a journal of my day. Plus, I do like the picture that I chose and am glad to have it with my 365 pictures.

After golf yesterday, my husband and I were out by the pool meeting more neighbors which turned into me showing the picture of the dolphins that I had taken. I had gone to the Polaroid Fotobar on Friday night at the mall when my husband's flight was late and made a large print of the dolphin jump. Two of my neighbors loved  the shot and I sold two prints! I would have gone today on my drive back to the airport, but the mall was closed for the holiday. I am looking forward to making more prints on Wednesday when I go back to pick up my husband again. It's fun to see "real" prints of my work. When I get home, I am going to work with my friend to set up a website where my photographs can be sold. 

We only golfed 18 holes this morning and it was great going out at 7 AM, our first nine was quick and we were done in 3 hours! Had a nice breakfast at the golf course restaurant without the wait of going out downtown. Back to the condo where we watched the pelicans chasing after the dolphins and their fish. We could see the twinkle of the small fish in their large schools swimming by the wall. Unfortunately, no big jumps today. I had a small problem with taking pictures and went back to the instruction book. Fixed the problem and learned how to take multiple pictures for HDR(High Dynamic Range) pictures. This was my first attempt:
I need to work more on the editing part of the HDR in photoshop elements. The green of the trees should be darker. The HDR brings out all the levels of exposure by using 3 different exposure shots to merge into one photo. In this photo, the clouds and water are more realistic and not blown out if I had just used a regular exposure based on the island. ( To see any of these photos in the blog in a large format- just click on a picture and then you can scroll through all of the photos)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Go Away

Go Away!
4/19 Photograph Come In
Welcome / Enter / Open

Decided to do the opposite of the prompt today since I was on the golf course all day. I was home for lunch and then back for another 18 holes of golf. That was more fun than taking pictures of doors. My husband was here for the weekend and we took advantage of the nice weather to play our free round of golf. The yankee in us wanted the free golf which included walking the 18 holes. It was great exercise, but we were very tired when we finished. I was glad that I had made supper yesterday so I all had to do was pop the spaghetti and sausage casserole in the oven.

It's not often that we get to see the alligators walking, usually they are lounging on the edges of the pond. The lounging is intimidating enough, but they mean business when they get up and start walking. This guy was not on a golf hole but on the edge of a pond between holes along a cart path. The green scum around the alligator is the algae from the pond. 

Another sight that we saw today was an osprey with his live fish in a tree.  Just another day of wild life experience while golfing. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

New Buds

New Buds in the Morning
4/18 Photograph Optimistic
Hopeful / Enthusiastic / New

A blog written before noon, since I have housework, cooking  and a ride to the airport on my schedule today. I was golfing at 7 AM today and once again, I was by myself in a cart flying around the course getting nine holes done within 1.5 hours just as it started thundering. I had paid for 18 and will be going back to finish the back nine right after I finish this entry. It was one of my best rounds yet, with 4 holes parred. 

 My intent was to get a picture of the very small baby ducks, but their mother is very protective and quickly moved them into the brush. I like the last duck's look as if he is saying, "But look at all the food we are leaving…". It's a miracle that they are surviving with the alligators.

And once again, I took 3 pictures of the buds and had a hard time picking out which photo to use as the daily photo. I was a bit rushed as I did have a walking golfer behind me.  Check out the picture in the bottom right to see the blue fly. I did not even see that fly until I uploaded the pictures to the computer, shame it wasn't in focus. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

B is for Beach

B is for Beach
4/17 Photography B is for _______
Begins With / Bunny / Blue

I cheated today, well not exactly cheated, but used a photo of the beach from March for today's prompt.  This is my favorite shot of the beach and yes, it has been on the blog already, but not as picture of the day. The weather here has been cloudy, windy and occasionally stormy which didn't work for a great beach picture like this one above. I just like the composition of this photo with the surfboard and umbrella in the background with the natural beauty of the dunes, ocean and sky surrounding the fun. 

I did drive to the beach and as I was parking my car, I got a phone call from my youngest son. As I sat in the driver's seat of the parked car, this mourning dove decided that the windshield wiper made a good perch. It's a great photo with the wall as the background and the dove is in perfect focus. I guess I could have used B for bird.  

There are other photos from the beach that I took, but nothing beats the sunny, calm view of the above photo of the day. And yes, a golf ball was one of the B words that I had thought of, but the only golf I did was last night with the ladies for Nine and Wine. It was nice of the pro to do the four club challenge that I had suggested. For many of us, it was a challenge to pick only four clubs to use on nine. I picked according to yardage and ended up with my 5 W, 4-hybrid, 9- iron and A-Wedge. The 4 was used as my putter, what a joke that was. It was fun and we were the only group to get all nine holes done as we finished in a downpour.